Trigg County, KY

This school started in the 1870s and was located near the Tennessee River, at the Tennessee state line. the first school was made of logs and contained a huge fireplace and a puncheon floor.  This school was named for a very important incident told by Ewen Compton of Canton.

A wildcat got into the school through the chimney and came down into the fireplace; the teacher was excited and sent for men in the community to come in and kill the wildcat.  The school was known by that name for many years, and while Mr. Levi Cunningham was superintendent, a new building was constructed.  Mr. Cunningham insisted that a better name be found.  The name was changed to Woodlawn.
Mr. Compton tells how his grandmother attended this school in the 1870.  The new location was made about 1919 and was called Woodlawn from that time on.