Pryor Holler School, Trigg County, KY, 1929

Can you help identify classmates?

Cyril Miller, Jr. Writes:
This photo is of the Pryor Holler School in the old "between the rivers" section of Trigg County. It was about two miles from Golden Pond, if you walked the direct route through the woods.
The picture was taken in 1929, and I was just five years old. The boy on my left is Hale Nunn, his parents, John and Minner Nunn were our closest neighbors and Hale and I were good friends.
I can not remember all of the names, after all I am not as young as I was when this picture was made, however, the families represented were all residents not to far from Pryar Holler. I am going to list the family names as closely as I can remember. They are as follows: the Shaws, the Nunns, the Oakleys, the Harpers, the Floods, the Atterburys, the Crowders and, of course, my family, the Millers.

Cyril Miller Jr.
491 Glendover
Elizabethtown, KY 42701