Trigg County, KY

Pleasant Hill School was located near Pleasant Hill Church, about 1 mile west of the Cumberland River and about 5 miles south of Golden Pond.

Three buildings were erected on this site.  One was during the latter part of 1800, one in 1911; it burned, another new building was built about 1930.

Some teachers were: Dr. Enoch Underhill (at a very early date), George Grasty, about 1875, Willie Guier, during 1890s, Charles Boyd, John Boatwright, 1905, Charlie Ross, 1906, Carlon Oakley 1907 -1909, Euen Rhoades, Arthur Morgan, 1922, Hazel Shaw, 1928, Earle Ford (Adams), 1922, Hazel Shaw, 1928, Earle Ford (Adams), 1929, Tom Nat Weems, Jr., 1936, Hazel Shaw, 1938.
This school was consolidated with Golden Pond about 1950.