Trigg County, KY

The beginning of Pentecostal faith in Trigg County was at Pleasant Hill  -  it's called Between the Lakes now.  The year of 1929, Sis Mealie Futrell, and a lady from Mayfield, Kentucky, started services in the Missionary Baptist Church as they were not having any services at the time.  Then, in the summer of 1930, a tent revival was held with Rev. A. T.  Bunton of Dawson Springs, Kentucky and Rev. W. T.  Garland from Paducah, Kentucky.  In May, 1931, Rev. Clyde Dixon from Mayfield, Kentucky, held a revival in the Pleasant Hill schoolhouse. In September 1931, Mitchell Chapel Church, on Jenny Ridge, was bought for $150.00.  It was taken down in panels, moved by wagons, and put up the same way it was taken down, except for a new metal roof and other things.  Mr. Charlie Wilson, of Golden Pond, Kentucky, donated one-half acre of land where the building was set on [and] very soon the building was completed.

The first revival was held by Rev. Pat Carmack around this time. The first trustees were chosen [and] they were: James Scott, Arthur Hendon, now both deceased, Fay Jones and Lloyd Underhill.
Rev. W. A. Bunton was elected pastor but didn't serve long.  In 1935, Rev. Orlin (Spedy) Rhoades, Rev. Tom Massey, from Paducah, Kentucky, and Rev. Mitzel from Dover, Tennessee, came for revivals during that year. In 1940, Rev. Ernest Thompson, from Trigg County was elected pastor.  Bro. Thompson served several years and there was a vacant space but the services continued.

Around 1949, Bro. Thompson came back and pastored through 1956.  In 1957, Rev. W. M. McKinney, from Murray, Kentucky, served as pastor.  Around 1958, Rev, Jim Lepford, served as pastor until 1960.  In 1958, new trustees were elected.  They were: Cyril M. Lilly, (deceased), Moscoe Underhill, Clyde Jones, Jack Hanberry and later Dwaine baker was elected trustee in 1964.  In 1961, Rev. Robertson from Paducah, Kentucky, served as pastor for a while.  Then, Rev, Jim Lepford, served again in 1961-62.  Rev. Calvin Swenney, from Greenville, Kentucky, served in 1963 and part of 1964. Rev. L. E. Player, from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Served part of 1964, also.  then, on October 19, 1964, Rev, Wesley Hibbs from Madisonville, Kentucky was elected pastor.  The average [number of] members were 45.  On April 4, 1967, TVA bought the church building.

The new church was moved from Golden Pond to Canton, Kentucky, about three miles east of highway 164.  It is a red brick building with a steeple and a porch with white columns. The church also has a full basement with five Sunday School rooms. The land was bought from Tillman Sholar.

On November 12, 1967, services were held in the new church.  Dedication services were held by Rev. Lopaz.  Bro. Hibbs was still pastor  in 1986.  Average attendance is 65.  There's a building fund started in this year of 1986, to build a fellowship hall beside the church.
The trustees now are: Roger Lilly, taking the place of his father, Cyril, James Cox, taken the place of Dwaine Baker, Moscoe Underhill, Clyde Jones and Jack Hanberry.