Trigg County, KY

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, the oldest church in the "Between the Rivers area" of Trigg County was located just off the old Dover and Eddyville Road, near Lick Creek, about five miles south of Golden Pond.

It was organized 4 November 1842 at the home of David Green Cohoon by three ministers: T. L. baker, Jesse Cox, and William Skinner, with help from Mt. Pleasant Church, Trigg County and Crockett's Creek Church, Stewart County, Tennessee.

David Green Cohoon was chosen deacon; Winborn Futrell, church clerk; and William Skinner of Calloway County, KY. was pastor.

For about two years after the church was organized, religious services was conducted in different homes in the community.  However, in 1844, a log church was built on land donated by David Green Cohoon.  About 1900, the old log building was removed a frame structure was built in its place.  About 1950, the building was remodeled and used for services until it was disbanded.

Early members of this church were David Green Cohoon, Rebecca Cohoon, Charles C. Bogard, Elitha Bogard, Catherine Burd, Benjamin Champion, Winborn Futrell, Nancy Cook, Nathan Cohoon, Margainia Kilgore, Polly Vinson, Sarah Whaley, Margaret Barrow, James Futrell, Martha Champion, John Futrell, William Futrell, Abashaba Futrell, Charity, Jonathan Ross, Kenneth Ross, Temperance Colson, William Cohoon, Nancy Cohoon, Joel Colson, Hardy B. Sills, James Vinson, Faithy Vinson, E. P. Underhill, Shadrack Futrell, John B. Williams, Newton Shaw, Martha Shaw, Elijah Hendon, Sabille Hendon, Elizabeth Underhill, Eldridge Down.

Ministers who were pastor of this church:  William Skinner, Joseph Barnes, Jesse Cox, R. R. Allen, S. R. McClane, W. E.  McCauley, G. W.  Herndon, D. L. Hanberry, A. J.  Byrd, James Mathis Ross, J. H. Beale, S. H. Morgan, John Cunningham, Charles Herndon, A. Moore, A. J.  Boyd, W. L.  Tidwell, J. W.  Pruitt, W. H.  Shaw, Lee Edd Outland, G. W.  Blakley, J. W.  Wiggins, Adolphus A. Walker, T. T. Hicks, Carl Noel, Raymond Baker, A. R. Harris, Robert Randolph, Roscoe Feagan, Cash Gray and Clarence Lindsey.

The deacons were: David Green Cohoon, William Cohoon, Jonathan Ross, D. B.  Cohoon, William Pritchard, E. P.  Underhill, James Mathis Ross, R. W.  Vinson, J. B.  Williams, W. T.  Hendon, Wallace W. Kilgore. P. H.  Hicks, J. D. Page, Stape Jones, William Dilday, Poindexter Hendon and S. F. Kilgore.

Church clerks, 1842-1901: Winborn Futrell, 1842-1845, Charles C. Bogard, 1845-1848, William Futrell, 1848-1869, J. T.  Berkley and George Grasty, 1869-1879, J. M. Futrell, 1879-1887, Wallace Kilgore, 1887-1901.

Ministers ordained by this church: Benjamin Champion, 1848, Hardy B. Sills, 1849, A. T. Bussel, 1874, T. L. Shelton, 1875, James Mathis Ross, 1879.

Members from Pleasant Hill Baptist Church organized Turkey Creek Baptist church, August 1866 and Bethlehem Baptist Church, August 1919.

Pleasant Hill baptized Church disbanded 6 August 1967, because all the land in that area was purchased by TVA for the park called "land between the Lakes.''