Trigg County, KY

Center Furnace Baptist Church was organized in 1911.  The first members were Mary Braboy, C. A. Hill, Ruth Hill, F.M. McCawley, Lucy McCawley, Ovid McCawley and Nannie rushing.

The church building was located approximately ¼ mile from the site of Old Center Furnace.  Mr. I. B. Hill, one of the oldest members now living remembers the dedication of the church building.  He and his wife, Lena, were both members in the early years of the church history.

Some of the pastors that served the church were:  Bros. Lane, Woodson, B. B. Boaz, W.W. Dickerson, Z. Cannon, Bro. Paris, H. R. Boland, Henry Rowland, Edgar Taylor and Carl Stewart.

As the church building began to deteriorate, the congregation, with the permission from the board of education, began to meet in the old Hematite school building.  Church services were held only once a month.

The church disbanded on the 4th day of September 1955, due to the fact that the members began moving out of the community.  Calvin Littlejohn served as church clerk from the year 1937, until it was disbanded, except for the years 1948-1949, when A. J.  Lane held the position. Calvin's daughters, Syble Poindexter and Mary Lou Nelson, still have in possession some of the records of the church.  When the church disbanded, individual letters were issued to the members so that they could unite with a church of like faith and order in whatever community they moved.