Trigg County

Born 1882 -  Died 1969 Buried in Land Between the Lakes.

The town of Golden Pond was started in 1882 and named for a nearby pond which gives off a golden reflection from the rays of the sun. Originally it was 2 settlements--Fungo and Golden Pond but later joined and became the one town.

There are many explanations for how the pond was so named. One belief was that the pond contained numerous gold colored fish while another belief was that the soil around the pond gave it its yellowish
tint.  However, the most common belief was that an unnamed man who had tried his luck gold mining out west, moved to the area around the pond.  Depressed over his lack of success in the mining industry and hoping for better luck doing something else, he salted the pond with either gold dust or nuggets and began selling the area around the pond, claiming it contained vast riches.

Golden Pond has been destroyed by fire twice, once in 1898 and again in 1936. Both times it survived and was built back but it could not survive President John F. Kennedy and the national recreation area the Tennessee Valley Authority would develop in the land between the rivers. TVA took 140,000 acres and moved the people off their land. Golden Pond is probably best known for the moonshining that was carried out in the area. By the late 1950's the moonshine industry was almost wiped out and the final era of moonshine began in 1960. In 1969 it was stopped completely as TVA moved the last of the people from the area.

Today only a plaque marks the place where for years families lived, worked, and worshipped.

From Perrin's History of Trigg County:

The first store in the place was kept by Frank Ingram, who handled a general assortment of merchandise, and for several years did a fair business. There are two stores at the present time kept by Bogard and Haydon respectively. (1884)

Street Scene From Golden Pond

Below is a photo of a picture of Golden Pond in its Glory Days
Photo Courtesy of Stephannie Saupe

Map shows only Trigg County portion of Land Between The Lakes

Map shows only Trigg County portion of Land Between The Lakes