Trigg County

Futrell was located in the Trigg County Section of Between The Rivers, near what was the Cumberland River, now Barkley Lake .  It is still shown on some maps today.

It is believed that Futrell consisted only of a Post Office, of the same name, which was run from the H. B. Futrell General Store.   The Futrell Post office was located on the Old Dover Road and Eddyville Road, about five miles south of Golden Pond, near the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.  The post office was established in 1898.

Henry Burnett Futrell, born  October 26, 1852 the son of William and Abashaba Colson Futrell, was the only Post Master.  Futrell Post Office closed November 5, 1908 when  rural mail delivery began.  Henry died June 11, 1943 and is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

Map shows only Trigg County portion of Land Between The Lakes