Stewart County, TN

Vinson School at Pine Bluff, Stewart Co. TN
Note says Rebecca Tishel, teacher

Vinson School at Pine Bluff

The first structure was log and it served as a school and church. This new building was built around 1917.  This community was always interested in their children's education.

In August 1860, John Whitworth was the teacher here.   William Grady was the teacher in 1873.  Miss Fredonia Umphers (?Humphries) commenced school May 27 and quit Aug. 21, 1872.   B. F. Aldridge was teacher here for 2 months in 1875.  George D. Parker did three months teaching here for the year of 1876.   M. A. Dilday was the teacher here in 1877 and was paid $100.  In 1878, Miss Ella Evans was the teacher.  N. A. Parker also taught during this time.
A list of patrons at Pine Bluff School, on the Tennessee River, Dist. #8, Stewart Co. TN for 1873 are:
E. J. Vinson, L. P. Boyle, Joseph Barrow, Frank Tishel, R. C. Brigham, John Maynard, J. C. Vinson, J. R. Page, Balis Print Vinson, O. P. Saltzgiver, Teminug Futrell, Henry Hendon, Robert Poindexter McDougal, W. Morris Barrow, Jethro Bass, D. H. Johnson, John Hodges, John Mullapii, J. Logan Seawright, A. J. Bartee, J. W. Cable, J. S. Barnes, and M. A. Dilday.
E. J. Vinson was the trustee and this sketch is taken from his notes.

Submitted by Rena Soloman

Vinson School 1914-1915

Pupils:  Starting with back row: (along with a few notes)

Orleana Cable (m. Dick Vinson) (Standing in Center left)
Zeulo Cable (dau. of Wertz & Ida) (Standing, back row, top left) then continuing right...
Mary Barrett (m. Claude)
George Barrett (m. Nathe)
George Barrow (m. Minie Noel)
Finis Cook (m. Dudie Downs)
Ralph Cook (m. Zilpha Dill)
Odell Vinson (standing in front of Ralph Cook)
Rosie McDougal (standing to right of Odell Vinson)
Loyd Vinson (m. Pearl Dill)
Clarence Cook (m. Opal McDougal) (standing with hands on young man in front-Loyd Vinson)
Ludie Downs (m. Finis Cook)
Pearl Dill (m. Loyd Vinson) (standing directly in front of Ludie Downs)
Belva Vinson (m. Paul Dill)
Mary Jane Vinson (standing in front of Belva Vinson, with dark collar) and continuing right..
Lillian Cook
Sallie Hicks, Teacher
Clifton Barrett
Bailey Bartee

Second Row:

Edith Thomas
Luther Hardin (small boy with head to side)
Clarence Bartee
Rose Barrow
Zilpha Dill
Grace Vinson (standing on step)
Vera Barrow
Grace Barrow
Olean McClanahan
Thelma Cook (m. Bill Rose)
Thelma McDougal
Loyd Barrow
Belmont Cook
Paul Dill

Bottom Row:

Ruth Vinson
Woodrow Dill
Wilson Barrow
Castle McDougal
Carter Cook
Oliver Downs
Thelma Dill (standing in very front, center) continuing right...
Joe Dill
Rudy McDougal
Leland McDougal
Willer Crutcher
Lewis Dill
Tommie Vinson

Photo courtesy of
©Margaret Chambers