Stewart Co., TN

Mint Springs Baptist Church & School
Rushing Creek Missionary Baptist Church
Stewart Co., TN
Organized 1853.  Building erected 1923

Rushing Creek, the first known church established between the rivers in Stewart Co., TN,  established in 1805 and was known as Dry Creek Baptist Church.

The church was a log structure and then covered with white wood siding.

When the church was closed in the 1900's, Nevilles Creek Baptist was in need of a new building.  In 1943, The Rushing Creek Church gave their building to the Neville's Creek congregation.  It was moved from the Tennessee River to the spot where it would sit.

With the development of LBL, Neville's Creek had to disband.  Walnut Creek Baptist was in need of a new building and it was sold to them for $5,000.

Today,  Rushing Creek and Neville's Creek Churches stand proud with a new brick covering.

Constitution of Rushing Creek Church:

A Constitution of Rushing Creek Church
state of Tennesse (on the 24th day of Augt, AD 1853
Stewart County & the Rushing Creek Church was constituted by a ?presbyter? of ____ was the reverent Correll Morris H. B. Sills and U. C. Hodge and was constituted on the principles of the Bible and we the ___ numbers of the church do hereby agree to accept __ constitutions and to fulfill the commandments of said constitution to the best of our understanding of the facts there in contained.
Given under our hand and seal and accepted in the same manner
Correll Morris
Claborn Downs H. B. Sills
J. N. Shaw U. C. Hodges
P. W. Hicks and Nancy Hicks,  his wife
J. W. Hicks R. M. Knight
H. L. Downs Lucinda Calhoun
James Hendon Susan Downs
Right Rushing Carlina Rushing
Alford Downs Susan Hanes
H. _ A. Downs
James Vinson and Henritate? , his wife
W. ?. Barrowe
H. C. Hicks
J. Bateman
Assigned by J. W. Hicks by order of the church.

Photo courtesy of
©Margaret Chambers