Dry Creek School 1906 - 1907
Trigg County, Kentucky

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Dry Creek School was in the Land Between The Rivers which was renamed Land Between the Lakes following TVA Dams on both the Tennesse and Cumberland Rivers.

Left to Right

ROW 1  Lucy Nunn, Lena Moore, Johnnie Futrell (Became a Doctor in Cadiz)  Burnett clark, Roy Hendricks, Nello Carr, Troy Hendricks, Bailey Borne, Elias Futrell (Became a Doctor in Cadiz), Betty Hargrove
ROW 2  Helen Davis, Ora Magdalene Tucker, Nola Sholars, Daisy Berkley, Lilly Hargrove, Atha Moore, Vollie Tucker, Willie Mae Borne, Nora Davis, Ophelia Thomas
ROW 3 Johnnie Herbert Tucker, Moult Clark, Conrad Thomas, Montico Berkley, Aubrey Moore, Fannie Hargrove, ____ Berkley, Mary Davis, Teacher-Mrs. Nella Miller, Audrey Mae Tucker, down Clifton Hendricks, up to Ivy Moore, down to Leon Futrell (Brother to Doctors),   up to Rosie Hunter, Bryant Clark
Bertha Clark, Birdie Clark (cousins), Trixie Clark, Vesta Tucker, Roberta Thomas (married Lamont Futrell), Onie Berkley
Seab Berkley, Marshall Cotham, Wm. Marvin Tucker Sr., Frank Clark, Lamont Futrell, Noble McBride, Tom Curry, Cark McBride - Kin to Berdie Herndon - Hendricks -- Great Grandmother of Juanita

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