Lyon County, KY

The New Yale School replaced all the onr-room schools in Lyon County in 1950.  It was a sad time to lose part of your community that had existed since the beginning, but it was called progress.

The new school had four rooms and one room opened to make a large auditorium. The school had a basement which contained the first lunch room of any between the rivers school.  It had a furnace that warmed all of the room (no more pot-bellied stoves).  This school was closed when TVA took our land in the early 1960's.

Some of the teachers were:  Jewel Ramey Ray Doles, Jessie Aldridge Crisp, Ish Richey, Freda Hayden Cothran, and Novella Calhoun Smith.

Some of the lunch room workers were:  Mrs. Berniece McCoy, Mrs. Annie Duncan, and Mrs. Ferrell Hudson.

New Yale School, Lyon Co., KY

Photo courtesy of
©Margaret Chambers