Lyon County, KY

The first church in the Woodson Chapel community was established in the 1850's and served various denominations.  This log building was non-demoninational serving Disciples of Christ, Baptist, and Methodist.

In 1874 the Baptists left the church and established Bethlehem Baptist Church.  The church became predominately Methodist and this log church was replaced with a plank building and named Woodson Chapel for Rev. W. W. Woodson.

It was used as a school and had puncheon seats and a blackboard made of smooth painted black.  These structures were located near the edge of Woodson Cemetery.

The land for the church was donated by Mrs. Alva Gray.  There was an iron bar that went from each side through the middle of the church for added support.  This was an engineering idea to strengthen the building.  There were probably other churches in the area that had the same support.  The church originally had two separate front doors and was replaced by the double doors in the late 40's.

Some of the early members of Woodson were:  George W. Gray, E. J. McCoy, James Lamont Gray, James M. Watkins, Minnie Watkins, Lou Watkins, Charles Watkins, D. J. Travis, Effie Fulks, Alice Scillion, Mattie Duncan, J. P. Malloy, Mary B. Gray, Iva Gray, Sallie Gray, General Lee Gray, Belle Gray, Gurlie Gray, Willie M. Gray, Fanny Soden Doles, Nathan Murray, Robert E. Murray, Nancy E. Murray, Lottie Metcalf, Elizabeth Ray, Ruth McWaters, Mason Travis, Alonzo Bohannon, Major Prescott, Blanche Prescott, Wilda Gray Baccus, Maggie Ray, Cora Timmins, David Lovell, Felix Smith, etc.

Some of the early ministers were:  Bro.  Woodson, Bro. Gillette, Bro. Yancy, Bro. Rainey, Bro. Ben Thomas, Bro. Phelps, Bro. Baldwin, Bro. Bell, Bro. Cartwright, Bro. Bottoms, Bro. Cornelius, Bro. Keeney, Bro. Cullison, Bro. Pullen, and Bro. Luton.

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