Lyon County, KY

Woodson Chapel was located about one mile west of the Cumberland River and about four miles North of the Trigg County line.

We do not know when the school was established, however, we do know it is one of the older schools located between the rivers, and it was the only high school in Lyon County that was between the rivers.

The first school was in the Woodson Chapel Methodist Church which was made of log.  The school had puncheon seats and a board painted black for the blackboard.  This building was replaced by a frame building in 1915.

In later years a three room frame school was built.  In 1937 Fulton School closed and the pupils came to Woodson Chapel.  In about 1936, Woodson became a high school, but closed about 1940-41.  It continued as a 1st-8th grade school until consolidatoin in 1949.

Some of the teachers were:  Garrett Martin, Willie Scillian, Newt Holland, Thus Duncan, Lawton Wilcox, R. L. Thurston, Calvert Wallace, Roy McDonald, Eugene Gleen, Jessie Aldridge, Viola Chilton, Elsie Calhoun, Nadine McCoy Smith, Lorraine Johnston Calhoun, Flossie Hail, Christine Calhoun, Stella Mitchusson, Ruth Kesterson Calhoun, Mary Baker, Rosalee Calhoun Barnett, Jane Calhoun Lane, and Frances Murray Baccus.

Woodson Chapel School   Estimated date 1911-1912
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