Lyon County, KY

St. Stephens is located off of old 58 Highway near the Bethlehem Cemetery.

Some of the names of early members were:  Kirchner, Bishof, Kuhn, Emberger, Ottel, Stocker, Wimmer, and Schachermeir.

Mr. Emberger was a blacksmith and made the original nails and hinges on the original doors.  These were no longer around when between the Rivers, Inc. embarked on refurbishing the old church.

St. Stephens Church before restoration
After restoration was complete
The decaying remains of the old church building stand on a remote hill in Land Between the Lakes.  There is a small cemetery at the back of the church building.  A single large cedar tree stands in the center of the cemetery and extends the arms of its branches over this hallowed spot.

Between the Rivers, Inc. group who are dedicated to the preservation of Between the Rivers History, fully restored the old church building and cleaned the cemetery.  It was enclosed by a field wire fence on three sides and a hand cut picket fence across the front.  This work was completed in the Summer of 2002.

The St. Stephens Church Building is the only church building that survived the destruction of buildings to make way for Land Between The Lakes.

Photo courtesy of
©Margaret Chambers