Lyon County, KY

Sardis Methodist Church was located about 3 miles south of Kuttawa Ferry and was established in 1855.
The first church was built of logs on land donated by Benjamin Bembray.  It also served as a school for the Sardis Community.  The church pictured below was built in 1905 on land given by Mr. W. A. Stephens for both the church and adjoining cemetery.  Mr. Stephens was the first person buried in the Sardis Cemetery.

The Methodist parsonage was located on the Sardis grounds.  It served as the living quarters for the ministers that served the Sardis circuit which included Sardis, Woodson Chapel, Hematite, and Pisgah Pisgah later was added to the Grand Rivers Circuit and Peal's Chapel replaced Pisgah).  Members from all of these churches maintained the Methodist parsonage.

Some of the first members were:  Bob MacDonald, Garland Bonner, Fine Stephens, Elisha Bridges and Joe MacDonald.

Some of the early ministers were: Bro. Richardson, Bro. H. S. Gillette, Bro. Bogard, Bro. Phelps, Bro. Saul Dycus, Bro. Frank Yancy, Bro. Joe Wall, Bro C. S. Ramey, Bro. Ben Thomas, Bro. Baldwin, Bro. Cartwright, Bro. Ray Bell, Bro. L. R. Bottoms, Bro. Calvin Cornelius, Bro. Jack Keeney, Bro. Virgil Parish, Bro. Harry Pullen and Bro. E. E. Cullison.

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©Margaret Chambers