Lyon County, KY

The Sardis School was in the Carmack community.

The population around Carmack was dense enough that the Sardis School rated two rooms and two teachers instead of the usual one room school.The Sardis Methodist Church was a strong and active church.
A memorial service and last goodbye was held at the Sardis  Methodist Church March 16, 1969, and a time capsule was placed in the nearby Sardis Cemetery. The two room Sardis School was located about a hundred and fifty yards southwest of the church and cemetery, and the building has long since been destroyed.

The date Sardis School was established is unknown, but do know that it was established sometime
between 1885 and 1895.

Sardis School, Lyon Co., KY  1906

First Row:  Sank Ramey, Bob Bruce Abbott, Wyatt Warfield, Bub Wall, Wheeler Bridges, Henry Lawrence, Fred Griffin, Felix Murphy, Wilfred Warfield, Clarence Griffen, Johnny Hildrieth
Second Row:  Ollie Bell Griffin, Margaret Bridges, Ester Abbott, Nancy Browning, Rockie Jeffrice, Ganie Hildrieth, Bessie Ray, Eula McDonald, Pearl Doom, Bessie Bonner, Ida Hildrieth, Ann Hildrieth
Third Row:  Guy Lady, Wilie Warfield, Knall Abbott, Claud Browning, Bird Wall, Ruth Abbott, Ellen Jeffrice, Gaylon Bonner, Cordie Ray, Bob Jeffrice, Jack Bridges
Fourth Row:  John Hildrieth,  Lafe Hildrieth, Lillian Baker, Mertyle Wall, Lena Lady, Reba Stephens, Mary Bonner, Bobbie Lady, Will Sears
Fifth Row:  Porter Hildrieth, Dave Payne, Willie Lady;
Marvin Nickell, Teacher

Photo courtesy of
©Margaret Chambers