Lyon County, KY

Pisgah Methodist Church was build of logs sometime around the Civil War.  In 1894 a large fram church was built near the present Pisgah Bay area.  The land was given by Mr. Holloway Collie and the pastor of this church was Rev. Robert Johnson, father of Gov. Keen Johnson.

When TVA purchased the Tennessee River land to make way for the Kentucky Dam, Pisgah was moved on a site 6 miles from Grand Rivers on old Highway 453 (now the Trace) on land donated by Mr. G. U. Griffin.

In 1964, Pisgah had to be moved once again to make way for the recreational area known as LBL.  In 1965, land was purchased in Lake City, KY (Livingston County).  The first service in the new church was held in 1966.

Some of the early members were:  Sydney Watkins, Fannie Spurrier, R. B. Collie, George D. Griffin, W. J. Nickell, David Hill, T. B. Griffin, Albert Watkins, and John L. Smith.

Some of the ministers were:  Bro. Richardson, Bro. Gillette, Bro. Bogard, Bro. Yancy, Bro. Phelps, Bro. Wall, Bro. Taylor, Bro. Ben Thomas, Bro. Baldwin, Bro. Bell, Bro. Cartwright, Bro. Bottoms, Bro. Dill, Bro. Coomer, Bro. Lyle, Bro Reilly.

Pisgah Methodist Church Abt. 1938
Photo courtesy of ©Margaret Chambers

Pisgah Methodist Church - Unknown Year
Photo Courtesy of ©Tripp Scott