Lyon County, KY

Oakland Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church South was established in 1896 on the banks of the Demumbers Creek in Lyon County on land donated by E. L. Smith.  This land was deeded to the trustees B. F. Smith, L. Boone, E. L. Smith, and A. I. Dodds.

Ray Parrish has provided the following deed:

A certain tract or parcel or land lying in Lyon Co., Ky. between the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers and on the waters of Demumbers Creek and bound as follows: beginning at a stone with two small gums as pointers. Thence N. 8 Yz, E. 13 Poles to a Spanish Oak, E. L. Smith corner, Thence with his line S. 13 poles to a stone with two  _  , Thence S. 81 1/2. N. 13 poles to stone with two as pointers. Thence N 13 poles to the beginning containing one acre.
In trust that the said premises shall be held, kept and maintained and disposed of as a place of Devine Worship for the use of the ministry and membership of the M. E. Church South. Subject to the discipline, usage and ministerial appointments of said church as from time to time unauthorized declared by the General Conference of said church and the Annual Conference within whose bounds said premises is situated.