Lyon County, KY

Hubbard School was located between the rivers and was established before 1885.  It stood on the southwest corner of Lyon County about two miles north of the Trigg County line and about two miles east of the Tennessee River.  The school house was on the north side of a dirt road between Smith Creek and Duncan Creek.

Pleasant Hope Baptist Church was a short distance south of Hubbard School at a crossroad close to Duncan Creek.

Hubbard School, Lyon Co., KY  1934

Bottom Row:  Lonnie DePriest, H. B. Jones, Otis O'Bryan, Toad Higgins,
Virginia Dare Gray, Mildred Foley, Delphia Gray Dunnagan,
Aletha Meredith, Nina Lois Orr, Odessa DePriest, William Foley.
Second Row:  Drew Dunnagan, Pauline Mitchusson, Gladys Fulks, Ronella
Foley, Grace Fulks, Hayden Meredith, Delphia Orr, W. E. Foley,
Mary Lois Higgins, Margie June Smith.
Third Row:  Sibye Mitchusson, Bessie Jones, Runetta Higgins, Avel Fulks,
Neta Fay Higgins, Calvert Wallace (Teacher), Margie Orr,
Genella Smith, Bernice Hubbard, Marietta Foley

Hubbard School 1913

Photo courtesy of
©Margaret Chambers