Lyon County, KY

Harvard School was located between the rivers near the intersection of the Old Star Lime Works, Kuttawa Ferry Road and the Silver Trail, about one-half mile east of the Nickell Cemetery.

Harvard School, Lyon Co., KY ~1937
Photo courtesy of ©Margaret Chambers

Top Row L-R:  Eunice Duff, Charlie Timmons, M. C. Duff, Phillip Tidwell, Oweana Lovell, T. C. Duff, Rebecca Johnston, J. C. Dunn, and Eula Stafford.
Second Row:  Richmond Stafford, Wilmouth Stafford, Vera Timmons, Kenneth Cox, Lorene Frizzell, Eva Brooks, Mary Lynn Heater, Boyd Tidwell, and Royster Scott, teacher.
Third Row:  Buddy Heater, Pete Gentry, Clayton Pinnegar, Cecil Timmons, Dorothy Petty, Louise Tidwell, Leonard Lovell, George L. Duff, and James Frizell.
Fourth Row:  Anita Duff, Frances Heater, Dorothy Heater, William Pierce, Bill Heater, Dorris Lovell, Edward Gentry, J. C. Petty, and Glenn Gentry.
Front Row:  Irene Smith, Olanda Cox, Reginald Stafford, George Frizzell, James Pinnegar, and Haze Gentry.

In 1944, Miss Louise Stephens was the teacher.

Photo courtesy of
©Margaret Chambers