Lyon County, KY

Fulton School, 1910.  Teacher Susie Smith
Photo courtesy of ©Margaret Chambers
The Fulton School was located between the rivers in the area near the old Fulton Iron Furnace.
Fulton was not one of the older schools between the rivers.  It was established sometime after 1900 on land granted by the Columbia Trust Company. I do not know if the old building burned, but in any event, a new building was erected in 1924.

Fulton was one of the first one room schools for white children between the rivers to close.
It closed about 1937 and several factors were responsible for the closing.  First, there was a decreasing
population in the entire region between the rivers.  Second, a Kentucky school law was passed in 1935 that required school districts with less than fifty pupils to cease operation and the school was merged with other nearby schools.   Third, the Fulton School was inside the bounds  of the Woodlands Wild Life Refuge which brought about a further decrease in student population.

Fulton School was located in the northwest corner of the area between the rivers.
The old school house stood on the north side of Fulton Creek about three miles west of the Cumberland River and about two miles north of the Trigg County line.

Old Fulton School -1917
Old Fulton School -1917
Mrs. Jesse Aldridge Crisp, Teacher
Photo Courtesy of ©Tripp Scott

Old Fulton School 1920-1921

Old Fulton School -1920-21
Roman A. Emberyer, Teacher
Photo Courtesy of ©Tripp Scott