Lyon County, KY

This church was organized at a meeting held on Nov. 23, 1922..Bro. L. J. Knoth being moderator of the meeting, A. F. Hanberry, clerk. Effie Lady gave the land for the church site.

Bro. R. C. Ramey was its first pastor, and Bro. Lee Ramage, first clerk. Charter members: Guy Lady, Mrs. Irene Lady, W. C. Lady, Ella Oliver, Lee Ramage, Beulah Ramage, Willie McDonald, Lillian McDonald,. Lonnie Bohannon, Mollie Bohannon, Cecil Oliver, L. L. Downs, Willie Holland, Mollie Holland, Terry Wimberly, Grizzley Wimberly.
Other pastors were L. B. Doom, Z. Cannon, Roy Beaman, Reed Rushing, W. W.Dickerson, James Boone, H.E. Taylor, John R. Flynn.

Carmack Baptist Church Group Abt. 1943

Back Row:  Mary Payne Baker, Guy Lady, Robert Ramey
Middle Row:  David Payne, Unknown, Unknown, Irene Lady,  Lena Hill, Mary Bonner Wall, Ida Aldridge, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Virdie Aldridge, Dick Aldridge (holding Paul Aldridge)
Front Row:  Unknown, Unknown, Inez Hill, Unknown


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©Margaret Chambers