Lyon County, KY

Brandon Chapel School  October 2, 1911

Brandon Chapel is located on Road No. 112 about four miles north of Eddyville Ferry and Highway 58.  The Brandon Chapel Methodist Church and School were located on the same lot donated by B. F. Smith.  The Church was established in 1894 and possibly the school was established before this.  The picture (below) indicates this is a reunion in October of 1894.

Gov. Keen Johnson was born at Brandon Chapel parsonage in 1896.  Rev. Johnson served the Methodist Churches of Pisgah, Sardis, Brandon Chapel and Woodson Chapel.

Brandon Chapel, 1896

Front row -left to right
1.Johnny Whalen 2.Burton Whalen  3.Charley Jeffords 4.Naldy Browning  5.Milton Timmons
6.Stone Wilson 7.Willie Culp 8.Alice Smith 9.Fannie Pegrim 10.Lovie Hill
1l.Mahala Browning 12.Harmon Smith 13.Mettle Jeffords

2nd row-left to right
I.Fannie Griffin, TEACHER  2.Gracy Timmons  3.Fine Culp  4.Sid Timmons  5.Edgar Jeffords
6.George Stafford  7.Walter Wilson  8.Mark Boone  9.Hulett Martin  10.Bush Jones
11.Clarence Landiss  12.Alice Culp  13.May Culp  14.Ira Jeffords  I5.Mary Jones 16.Elvin Hill
17.Lydia Timmons   18.Elize Dolloson  19.Grace Browning  20.Albertie Whalen 21.Minnie Jones
22.Ella Whalen  23.Lula Jones  24.Orpha Rogers  25.Lillie Lady

3rd. row -left to right
1.Grant Landiss  2.Garrett Martin  3.Pearl Rogers  4.Myrtle Pigrim  5.Pearl Smith  6.Helen Pigrim 7.Kate Martin  8.Beulah Smith  9.Lura Hill  10.Minnie Jeffords  11. Lula Stafford 12.Maggie Whalen 13. Nellie Whalen  14.Myrtle Patterson

Back Row
1.  Ivan Rogers  2. Whit Nickell  3.John Hill  4.Crit Nickell  5.Moss Dodds  6.Hugh Rogers
7.Bob Lady  8.Billie Hill

Photo courtesy of
©Margaret Chambers