Lyon Co., KY

Bethlehem School was located between the rivers in Lyon County, Kentucky.  It is not know exactly when the school was established, but records show it was in existence in 1885.  It is one of the oldest school established between the rivers.

There was a Bethlehem Church and a Bethlehem School but they were not located at the same site.  They were about 2 miles apart.  Bethlehem Church was located on a dirt road about midway between old Highway 58 and old Highway 289.  The Bethlehem Cemetery still exists at the site.

The Bethlehem School was located at the intersection of the dirt road and old Highway 289, not far from Hurricane Creek and about a mile west of the Cumberland River.  The old school site is now covered by the waters of Barkley Lake at Mammoth Furnace Bay.

Bethlehem School, Lyon Co., KY  November 18, 1898
Fannie Griffin, Teacher

Front Row from Left:  Myrtle Finley, Lena Finley, Hannah Kirchner, Maggie Sassine, Josephine Stoker, Bessie Calhoun, Fannie Griffin (teacher), Willie Scillian, Willie Eddington, Lawrence Kirchner, Milburn Duncan, Jack Finley.
Second Row: Pearl Dodds, Myrtle Sassine, Lillian Duncan, Lou Scillian, Grace Lyon Wake, Mae Wake, Ann Scillian, Charlie Calhoun, Riley Duncan, Reece deGraffenried, Oscar Scillian, Louie Duncan, Jim Ramey
Third Row:  Huldie Duncan, Love Duncan, Mary Duncan, Minnie Duncan, Dora deGraffenried, Mabel Sassine, Jessie Knoth, Mary Ottl, Linnie Weimer, Theresa Stoker, Bluford Calhoun
Fourth Row:  Bartley Cothran, Henry Weimer, Moss Dodds, Jim Rowland, John Calhoun, Thuston Duncan, Ollie Duncan, Edwin Scillian, Hart Fowler, Mary Weimer, Josephine Weimer.


A 1926 Christmas Greeting from Bethlehem School lists the following
Bethlehem School, Lyon Co., KY District No. 33
December 25, 1926
S. T. Duncan, Teacher        H. B. Kuhn, Trustee

First Grade:  Lenora Dunca, Dora Duncan, Luoise Doles, Noble Doles, Agnes Fox, Alfreda Fox, Josephine Frankin, Kenneth Hill, Theda Hill, R. L. Duncan, Robert Forsythe, Bessie Elliott.
Second Grade:  Louise Emberger, Agnes Franken, Elmo Duncan, Charlie Hill
Third Grade:  Marie Calhoun, Armel Fox, Delmas Downs, Euvle Downs, Thomas Ramey, Marie Emberger, Aleen Forsythe, Susie Forsythe.
Fourth Grade:  Joe Bloodworth, Russell Duncan, Spurlin Pearcy
Fifth Grade:  Herman E. Kuhn, Shirley Kuhn, Eugene Fox, Georgie Brunson, Lee Jordan Pearcy.
**No Sixth Grade Listed
Seventh Grade:  Manie Hill, Louise Duncan, Lucille Duncan, Frieda Calhoun, Sareptha Fox, Cora Belle Elliott, Mary Hill, Thresa Emberger
Eighth Grade:  Adelle Fox, Charlene Duncan, Ross Calhoun, Perry Calhoun, Boyd Pegram, Melvin Duncan, Lucille deGraffenried.

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