Lyon County, KY

Bethlehem Baptist Church was located about 6 miles from the Eddyville Ferry and about 1/2 mile off Highway 58.  It was established in 1884 at a meeting in the home of the mother of Mrs. Rockie Wyatt.  There were about six charter members, but no record exists of these names.  We do know that one of them was Rev. Adam Knoth's father, Rev. L. J. Knoth.

The first pastor of Bethlehem was J. L. Perryman and he served the church for a number of years;  followed by Rev. C. L. Roberts.

A log church was build in 1886.  The church that was standing when TVA took the lad was built in 1906.  The DeGraffenreid family donated the land where the church sat.

Bethlehem Cemetery is located behind where the church sat.

Bethlehem produced the Holland Brothers Choir that was widely known in the area.

Some of the other ministers were:  L. B. Hooks, S. T. Duncan, C. L. Roberts, and Bro. Taylor

Photo courtesy of ©Margaret Chambers