Temperance Griffin Colson

Temperance Griffin Colson was an early Pioneer to Christian and later Trigg County, KY.  Born 1790 Northampton County, N.C., Died  1882 Trigg County, KY;  Buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery Golden Pond, KY

Her parents James and Mary Hern Griffin. (In Temperance’s will she states that she wants a pailing fence put around her mother’s  grave-with money left in her estate, Mary Hern came through Stewart County, TN to Christian  later Trigg County, Ky to live with Temperance. Mary Hern Griffin is buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery)

Temperance married Thomas Coalson/Coleson/Colson August 21, 1814 Trigg County, KY.  He was born April 22, 1793 Northampton County, N.C.Died  February 24, 1840 Trigg County, KY; Buried Lancaster Family Cemetery Donaldson Creek Community.  His parents were Alexander Sanders and Abashabay Futrell Colson.

Temperance (Granny Tempy Colson) came through Stewart County, TN to Christian County, KY later Trigg County, KY around 1790 at the age of 25 settled in the Land between the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers.

Children of Temperance (Granny Tempy Colson) and Thomas
        1) Elizabeth married Perry Futrell
        2) William married Catherine Taylor
        3) Son
      *4) Mary Polly married William ‘Dossie’ Lancaster
        5) Henry never married
        6) Jackson married Polly ??
        7) Ann married Young W. Pitts
        8) Abashaba married William Futrell

Photo and information sent by Marilyn Ladd