Local curiosities and urban myths surface in every
culture. Fantasy spawns many, but some have a
factual base. One “Greenwood” mystery exists as
fact, and yet still chills many who’ve seen it. In a small
cemetery near Taylor Bay lay a tombstone engraved by
hand with a single word, “Unknown.”


 Have you seen the stone a restin’ there,
Beneath the cedar tree?
In the graveyard next to Taylor Bay,
A greenwood mystery.

Mystery ‘cause the name’s not there,
Just the word ‘unknown’
A memory for the someone
Deep beneath the stone.

The name ‘unknown’ is strange enough,
But even stranger still,
Flowers lay there year ‘round long,
Through Spring and Winter’s chill.

The grave is small for the flowers there,
Flowers and the hand-made stone.
Apart, alone…an infant’s grave,
A baby lost…unknown.

Found floatin’ in the river,
In the 1930 years,
An’ buried by the men who found her,
No family to shed their tears.

Buried with the Bloodworths,
The Rhodes and Futrells too,
She lay there nameless from that day,
Yet….flowers lay there too.

How flowers get there no one knows.
What they mean is still unknown,
Like the baby ‘neath the cedar tree,
Beneath the hand-made stone.

A mystery child with flowers
Sleeps in the Greenwood land,
Resting near the shoreline,
Her name lost in the sand.

The folks that put her in that place,
And flowers on her lay,
Can never tell her story now,
They’ve left that Greenwood bay.

‘Till cedar trees can tell her tale,
Or the wind the story moan,
The child shall her secret keep,
Beneath the grave…unknown.


No part of this book should be copied, reprinted or reposted without permission or consent of Lynn M. Hodges.