To Enjoy The Greenwood

Fast is not better in the Greenwood. As sad as it might
seem, the absence of people has created a habitat for
reflection. History, heritage and nature’s wonders
abound in the quiet coves, hollows and trails. To
wander and wonder remain a gift seldom found in
today’s culture. The Greenwood provides a sanctuary
to relish and cherish.

Advice to A Greenwood Stranger

Touch the ground you walk on stranger,
With textured, iron-rust sand,
And feel the history buried there,
Throughout the Greenwood land.

Watch the trees, their growin’ mark,
As you rush to pass them by.
No large ones remain among them all,
Take time and wonder why.

Count the deer in dawnin’s light,
The other sights there too,
Let your thoughts swim back in time,
Imagine all things new.

Find a stream that’s pure of man,
Or number geese in fall.
Open your soul to all that’s there,
Respond when silence calls.

Beneath the needles of budding pine,
See moonlight’s touch of Spring,
Hear nightlife stir around you,
Echoes when whippoorwill sing.

Dare the feel of nature’s kiss,
Note the things you find,
Explore the thoughts enlightened there
From caverns of your mind.

Reach beyond your sense of touch,
Use your sense of free.
Let South winds tumble through your hair,
Beyond your eyesight see.

Begin with stones beneath your feet,
And grow to bigger things.
Find yourself as a robin’s egg
And know the peace it brings.

Circle with the swans while mating,
Or fly the lone owl’s way,
Live moments for the joys they bring you,
Weep not for yesterday’s.

See a sunrise once each season,
A sunset every day.
Remember the songs the earth has taught you,
As you tred this Greenwood way.


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Posted on Between The with permission of Lynn M. Hodges