The History & Heartbreak of Between The Rivers
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What is Between The Rivers?

Between the Rivers is an area of land comprised of 170,000 acres located in parts of Lyon & Trigg Counties
of Western Kentucky and  Stewart County, Tennessee between the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers.
The area, now known as Land Between the Lakes (LBL), was once home to more than 800 families which
were forcibly removed by the power of eminent domain.

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Cemeteries of Between The Rivers

Communities of Between The Rivers

Schools & Churches from
Lyon County,KY
Trigg County,KY
Stewart County,TN

Between The Rivers Families
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Obituaries of BTR Families

A story of TVA's removal of Families

from Between The Rivers
(Article by David Nickell)

Gov. Keen Johnson

42nd Governor of Kentucky

Ballads of The Greenwood
Between The Rivers Remembered By Lynn M. Hodges
A Collection of ballads written about life between the Rivers

Mary Elizabeth Pinegar Letter
A description of growing up in the area

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Stewart County, TN
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